Best Husky Crates: Choosing the Right Dog Crate

Siberian Huskies are an intelligent, energetic, and mischievous breed. As a responsible Husky owner, it’s crucial to find the right crate for your furry companion. The perfect crate will provide a safe and comfortable environment for your Husky while also meeting your specific needs in terms of durability, size, and portability.

a siberian husky dog laying down in his metal wire crate

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Crate for Your Husky

When selecting a crate for your Siberian Husky, consider the following factors:

  • Size: Ensure the crate is large enough for your Husky to stand, sit, lie down, and turn around comfortably.
  • Durability: Huskies are strong and can be escape artists; choose a crate made from sturdy materials like steel.
  • Portability: If you plan to travel with your Husky, consider a crate that’s easy to transport and assemble.
  • Materials: Consider the crate’s materials in terms of safety, comfort, and durability.
  • Special Features: Look for features like easy-to-clean trays, multiple doors, and lockable wheels for added convenience.
    Check out our article on Husky Crate Training for more considerations when purchasing your first crate!

Comparison Chart

Here is a chart outlining the different features of 5 different crate types and popular brands on Amazon.

comparison chart of popular husky crate types

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Detailed Review of Popular Husky Crate Types

Along with the descriptions and photos, we will include links to each of these Husky crates and kennels so that you can read individual user reviews on the ones you’re the most interested in.

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate Dog Crate

The iCrate from MidWest Homes for Pets is a popular wire dog crate designed for large dogs like Siberian Huskies. This crate is available in various sizes, but the 42-inch option is ideal for most Huskies. The iCrate features a durable, satin-black electro-coat finish, a leak-proof plastic pan, and a strong carrying handle. It also includes two doors for easy access, secure slide-bolt latches, and a divider panel to accommodate your growing pup. Its foldable design allows for easy storage and transportation.

Husky Crate – Midwest Homes iCrate >>
Price: $72.99

Midwest Homes iCrate for Huskies

Amazon Basics 2-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Folding Travel Crate Dog Kennel

This soft-sided folding travel crate from Amazon Basics is an excellent option for Husky owners who want a portable and lightweight solution. The crate features a durable PVC frame, durable polyester fabric, and mesh panels for ventilation and visibility. It has two doors—one on the top and one on the front—allowing for easy access to your pet. The crate also has storage pockets for treats and accessories. It’s available in various sizes, with the largest (42-inch) being suitable for most Huskies. Keep in mind that this option is not as durable as metal crates and may not be suitable for heavy chewers or escape artists.

Husky Kennel – Amazon Basics Travel Kennel >>
Price: $66.99

Amazon's traveling kennel for Huskies
Outdoor chain link cage for Huskies

XX-Large Chain Link Outdoor Dog Kennel with Free Sunscreen

For Husky owners looking for an outdoor kennel, this XX-Large Chain Link Outdoor Dog Kennel is a great choice. The kennel measures 10′ L x 10′ W x 6′ H, providing plenty of space for your Husky to move around comfortably. It’s made from galvanized steel and chain-link, ensuring durability and stability. The kennel also comes with a free sunscreen to protect your furry friend from the sun’s harsh rays. This option is perfect for giving your Husky a secure and comfortable outdoor environment.

<< Husky Cage – Outdoor Chain Link Cage
Price: $459.99

Lemberi's heavy-duty siberian husky crate

LEMBERI 48/38 inch Heavy Duty Indestructible Dog Crate

The LEMBERI Heavy Duty Dog Crate is designed for large dogs and can withstand even the most determined escape artists. Made from reinforced steel, this crate is available in 38-inch and 48-inch sizes. It features a three-door design for easy access and a removable tray for easy cleaning. The crate is equipped with four lockable wheels for mobility, and the 360-degree rotating casters ensure smooth movement. This crate is perfect for Husky owners looking for a sturdy and secure option.

<< Husky Crate – Lemberi Heavy Duty Crate
Price: $249.99

KELIXU 38” Heavy Duty Dog Crate

KELIXU’s 38-inch Heavy Duty Dog Crate is another excellent option for Husky owners seeking a durable and secure crate. Made from corrosion-resistant alloy steel, this crate is designed to prevent escapes. It features 360-degree rotating lockable casters for easy mobility, a removable plastic tray for easy cleaning, and optimal ventilation and visibility with its metal frame and door. The crate is easy to install, and KELIXU offers aftersales service for issues within three years of purchase.

Husky Crate – Kelixu Heavy Duty Crate >>
Price: $249.99

Kelixu's heavy duty rolling crate for Huskies

Final Thoughts on Choosing Your Husky Crate

In conclusion, choosing the right crate for your particular Husky is actually quite important for their overall comfort, safety, and well-being. We have reviewed and compared a variety of crates to help you make an informed decision based on your needs and your Husky’s temperament. While all the crates we’ve discussed offer unique features and advantages, it’s essential to consider your dog’s size, behavior, and your lifestyle, and then pick the crate that is the best match.

Whether you need a heavy-duty crate for a strong and anxious dog, a soft-sided crate for traveling, or a wire crate for versatility and air circulation, our guide has covered it all. Remember to introduce crate training gradually and always ensure your Husky feels safe and comfortable in their new home.

And now that you know what you’re looking for based on crate type, we encourage you to browse Amazon’s full selection of Husky crates >>

We hope that our in-depth analysis and comparison chart have made it easier for you to find the best crate for your beloved Husky. With the right crate and a little patience, you’ll be on your way to creating a secure and cozy environment that your dog will love and thrive in. Happy crate shopping!

For more information on this unique breed, see Siberian Husky >>

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